Block Machining
- Pressure Test
- Bake, Tumble, Crack Check, and Tap
- Bore and Hone W/ Torque Plates
- Line Hone
- Hone Lifter Bores
- Lifter Bore Bushings
- Roller Cam Bearings
- Blueprint Deck Height
- Notch For Stroke
- Machine For Double Roller Retaining Plate
- Fill Block
- Install Cam Bearings
- Install Oil Galley and Freeze Plugs
- Install oil Restrictors
- Prep And Paint For Assembly
- Lightening Programs


Cylinder Head Labor
- Pressure Test
- Bake, Tumble, Crack Check, and Tap
- Install and Size Guide Liners
- Install Hardened Seats
- Competition Valve Job
- Machined For Seals
- Machined For Cups
- Mill Heads
- Angle Mill Heads
- Machined for Screw In Studs
- Flow Test
- CNC Port


Balancing Work
- Electronic Balance
- Install Mallory
- Machine Weights off
- Drill Cranks
- Check Bobweights


Dyno Test and Tuning
- Carburetor
- Dry Sump



Our Machines

SF-902 Dyno • Engine control panel (starter, ignition, fuel pump controls) • Cooling tower • WinDyn software • Power absorber • 16-channel temperature panel and 4 open-tip thermocouples, 4 - 10' (3.04 m) extension cables, 4 swage locks • Interface load cell, temperature compensated -1,000 lb-ft (1356 N-m) • High performance fuel pump, two fuel regulators, 0-800 lb/hr (100g/s) • Single fuel flow measurement turbine, 0-400 lb/hr (50g/s) • SF-871 water brake absorber, 2500 HP (1864 kW) rated capacity, outlet controlled, low inertia design with 4-bolt servo valve. • CT-700 Pressurized engine cooling tower • Oil pressure and single fuel pressure gauges on stand • Mini tower computer system, 17" CRT monitor and color printer • 2-channel pressure panel with transducers: 0-150 psi, -30/+30 psi. • Airflow measurement turbines with air temperature measurement sensor: 9" (22.9 cm) • Input Shafts: o -1.125" x 10-tooth spline o -1.375" x 10-tooth spline o -1.125" x 26-tooth spline


RMC V40 Engine Block CNC Machine 3 axis movement simultaneously, or 4 and 5 axis movement with options. Allows for CNC manufacturing processes to be performed, as well as engine block machining! Engine Block Machining Operations that can be performed include: • Cylinder boring. • "O" Ringing of deck surface. • Bore chamfering. • Mill bell-housing and water pump surface. • Block decking. • Bottom cylinder relief for honing stone clearance. • Block lightening. • Relieving of block for "stroker" cranks, web and rod clearance. • Line Boring of main bearings and cam tunnel (with optional equipment). • Lifter bore machining, including sleeving and finishing and spot-facing with Splayed cap register machining, with angle drilling and tapping. 10 HP Vector Drive Spindle Motor • For peak performance and speed control under heavy cutting loads. Offers exact positioning stops. High Torque AC Digital Servo Drives. • Provide maximum torque and performance at all speeds. Heavy duty 70 mm, 6000 rpm spindle/cartridge assembly. • Allows for great variety of tooling, and provides increased rigidity for heavy duty stock removal up to 0.300" per pass is possible. Software & Programming • Included with machine purchase, enabling immediate machine operation with no wait for factory technician. 3.5" Floppy Drive • Provides programming flexibility. • Provides clear, easy-to-read characters and 3-D part and path graphics. 5 "T- Slot" Table • Allows for rapid, effortless tool changing. Spindle orientation allows machine to move finish bore tool off cylinder wall to help increase tool life. Air purge ensures tooling mounting remains clean. High contrast LCD color display mounted in pedestal-type, "roll-around" control console. Now available from Keith Craft Racing: • Fully CNC machined blocks. Machined off the Ford factory blueprints. • Keith Craft Racing is the first in the country to have the new RMC CNC Machining Center for Fords. • Working with RMC and Ford Racing, we have the first machine set-up to CNC blocks off the Ford blueprints. • Everything from boring, square decking, lifter bore blueprinting, o-ringing, stroke notching, crank rotation clearance and lightening are available. • The block probing system checks block against factory specs so we can know how the block will machine before it’s ever machined. Now available for machining: • Ford 302-351, 390-428 FE, 429-460, Chevy 350-454. Your block will be machining 45 degrees to the center line of crankshaft & camshaft centers, thus putting decks exactly 90 degrees apart. All bores on place on the center line of crankshaft and on the exact bore spacing per Ford blueprints. Lifter bores are angle corrected and location corrected also of the center of crankshaft and camshaft. • All finishes are superior to previous machines, with accuracy and speed that keeps the prices very reasonable.


DMG DMU 80 CNC Cylinder Head Machine 5-axis CNC machining center Deckel Maho DMU 80 T Control: iTNC 530 handwheel Heidenhain HR 410 Travel: X 980 Y 630 Z 630 Table working surface: 1250 x 700mm integrated rotary table B axis (swivel) workpiece weight 800 kg min electrical temperature compensation spindle 12000 rpm. SK 40 tool changer 32ig specialized infrared probe HEIDENHAIN TS 640 chip conveyor, and Cyclone Digitizer. We offer cnc programs for just about any Aluminum Ford head and many Chevy heads. - Brodix - AFR - Edelbrock - Trick Flow - Blue Thunder - Ford Racing Take the guess work out of hand porting with exact runners and chambers.


SF-1020 Probench Computerized Flowbench The SF-1020 measures and records air flow at OEM engineering accuracy, faster than any other flowbench on the market. It can test up to 240 hp (179 kW) per cylinder at test pressures up to 65" (165 cm) of water. The unique variable flow orifice adjusts flow range between 25 cfm and 1,000 cfm (12 - 472 l/s), based on FlowCom™ input, to fit the valve size or valve lift. The SF-1020 comes standard with our FlowCom™ digital airflow measurement system for accurate, repeatable and fast testing. FlowCom™ ensures accurate digital airflow measurement and control by automatically measuring test pressure and temperature; then presenting corrected flow data on the easy-to-read, precision display. This saves users considerable time when compared with standard manometer type benches that require users to make calculations to achieve corrected flow numbers. The included automatic motor controller maintains constant test pressure without the use of knobs and valves and it also helps extend motor life by reducing heat generated during operation. Reduced heat means that operators can run the SF-1020 for longer durations than benches lacking the motor control feature. The large work surface and built-in storage cabinet keep the work area organized and ensure that extra adapters stay clean and out of harms way.


Newen CONTOUR-BB The machine of the engine rebuilder, universal, conceived to machine to perfection all common cylinder heads with valve seats, ranging in diameter from 13.5mm to 100mm+ (.53" - 3.94"+) in all types of materials. Very flexible, the CONTOUR-BB™ goes from one cylinder head to another in record time with very few adjustments and only one single tool to do it all. Simple and reliable, it features two numerically controlled axes and can be equipped with a coolant system (optional). It can ream up to 75mm (2.95") long valve guides and significantly improve softer material machining with carbide, cermet and diamond cutting tools.


SV-10 Cylinder Hone Sunnen's new SV-10 Automatic Cylinder Hone combines the latest technology with the consistency and dependability of the legendary CV-616. With two motors, one for the spindle and one for the stroker, the SV-10 has the capability to run standard Sunnen tools as well as Sunnen's new DH-series diamond hone head. Sunnen's expertise, with multiple-diamond honing on the top-of-the-line CK-21, is now available on the competitively-priced SV-10. The DH-series diamond hone, with 16 points of cutting action, is the choice for truly round cylinder bores. The mechanical stroke guarantees precision surface finish with consistent crosshatch angle in each cylinder no matter what tool is used. Features/Benefits • Patented full bore profile display projects a real-time display allowing you to dwell in the exact position where bore is visually smaller ... no one else has it. • Touch Screen Control - easily adjusts speed from the multi-language control panel ... no more belts and pulleys to adjust or buttons to push. • Tooling options include the new DH-Series diamond honing tool or existing CK/CV tooling. • Variable independent spindle and stroke drives with crosshatch angle calculator allows virtually any crosshatch angle to be obtained. • Priced to match the industry standard CV-616. • Lifetime application service with every machine purchase.



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